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What we can say about us is very simple, we are Aruba and Costa Rica wedding photographers and videographers, we love to tell stories in any format, to travel and to be inspired by real and authentic people. We combine love, friendship, passion and experience and put it all together into one of the most important days of your life.

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Over the years we have built a great understanding when working as a Photo & Film team. We think that it is very important to work together towards the story that is being revealed to us, with just a glance we know what our partner is thinking or trying to achieve.

We are thankful to every couple that open for us a window to their lives and kindly let us be witness of a very special chapter.

For us is a chance to honor your story and your journey together and also to honor the destination and culture of the country, so we try to create something that will be a genuine and authentic portrait of your presence in this space and time.

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“This shimmering space, where imagination and reality intersect... this is where all love and tears and joy exist. This is the place. This is where we live.”

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